Excel Formula Crash Course from Chandoo
Chandoo Excel Formula Course

Chandoo is one of the most popular Excel bloggers on the internet. His friendly approach to Excel is the perfect introduction for anybody wanting to learn Excel formulas. In his Excel Formula Crash Course, you will learn more than 40 different formulas. This course uses realistic data & examples so that you can quickly apply the knowledge to your day to day working life.

Xtreme Pivot Table Course from myexcelonline


The Xtreme Pivot Table course is the most complete Pivot Table course on the internet. This course can take you from Pivot Table beginner to expert. The course is broken down into easy to manage chapters with downloadable example workbooks, and HD videos. The course covers the basics of creating a Pivot Table, sorting, filtering, and grouping. The course moves onto more advanced topics such as calculated fields, Pivot Charts and using Macros with your Pivot Tables.

The Ultimate Power Query & Data Cleansing from myexcelonline

If you regularly have to work with, or import large amounts of data you’ve probably come across Power Query, or Get & Transform has it is now known in Excel 2016.

The Ultimate Power Query & Data Cleansing course covers many of the techniques you can use in Excel to speed up the process of formatting and cleaning data to extract information. In addition to Power Query, the course also includes Excel formulas such as the Text, Logical, and Lookup, as well as Excel’s analytical features such as Text to Columns, Go to Special, Sort & Filter, Find & Replace, Conditional Formatting, Excel Tables, and Pivot Tables.

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