Excel 2013 Formulas by John Walkenbach

This book is a go-to resource for Excel Functions and Formulas. The book covers just about everything to do with Excel formulas that most people will ever need. It starts with the basics of creating formulas, covering the most commonly used functions for manipulating text, working with dates and times, counting, lookups, and working with tables. There is also an in-depth chapter on working with financial formulas.

The book then moves on to more advanced topics such as array formulas, importing and cleaning data, how to use formulas with Pivot Tables, and Conditional Formatting. The final section of the book focuses on VBA and creating custom functions. Click here to read my full book review.

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Excel 2016 All-in-One for Dummies by Greg Harvey

The product description for this book describes it as eight books in one. It really does cover a wide variety of topics, such as getting started, creating formulae, conditional formatting, filtering, charts and pivot tables. This book can act as the single source of reference for everyone from the Excel beginner to the intermediate user. The book also covers several advanced topics such as macros.

I have this book on my desk at all times and did not hesitate to buy the Excel 2016 version having found the Excel 2013 version of this book indispensable. Unless you need advanced or expert knowledge on some of Excel's advanced features or uses, this book should cover most of what you need. Click here to read my full book review.

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Slaying Excel Dragons by Mike "Excel is Fun" Girvin & Bill “Mr Excel” Jelen

This book is for the Excel beginner and novice and aims to get the reader using Excel immediately. The book is written by two of the biggest names in the field and uses hundreds of screenshots with step-by-step instructions to guide the reader through the learning process. The book uses Excel 2010 for Windows for the screenshots, but it would be useful for users of Excel 2013 for Windows and Excel 2016 for Mac.

The book has information on everything from rows, columns, and cells to subtotaling, sorting, filtering, and pivot tables. This book aims to alleviate the fears that come with using Excel as a beginner or novice.

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