Book Review: Excel 2013 Formulas by John Walkenbach

This blog post, as you can tell from the title, is a book review of “Excel 2013 Formulas by John Walkenbach.” I’ve purchased and used this book myself, and it is a go-to resource for Excel Functions and Formulas.

John Walkenbach runs the website, has written several well-respected books about Microsoft Excel, and has developed the popular “Power Utility Pak” Excel add-in.

What Does this book Cover?

As you’ve probably gathered from the title, this book is about Excel Formulas. However, perhaps what should be made clear is that the book is useful for people who are using Excel 2007 onwards.

This book isn’t about everything Excel, but it covers just about everything to do with Excel formulas that most people will ever need. It starts with the basics of creating formulas, covering the most commonly used functions for manipulating text, working with dates and times, counting, lookups, and working with tables. There is also an in-depth chapter on working with financial formulas.

The book then moves on to more advanced topics such as array formulas, importing and cleaning data, how to use formulas with Pivot Tables, and Conditional Formatting.

Anybody who has worked with formulas long enough will understand the frustration that often comes with trying to debug errors in formulas. This book has an extremely useful chapter on tools and how to debug formulas.

The final section of the book focuses on VBA and creating custom functions. If you can master the skill of creating custom functions, this will enable you to save time with repetitive tasks.

The book includes links to John Walkenbach’s website, which contains the templates and worksheets used in the book.

Who Is This Book For?

I believe this book will be of great benefit if you’re looking to learn or expand your knowledge of Excel formulas. If you’re just getting started with Excel and looking for a general Excel book, then this isn’t the one for you. However, if you’re an Excel beginner or expert and want to learn more about formulas or how to use formulas with other features in Excel, then this book will be of great benefit.

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of this book, then please click the link below to be taken to your local Amazon store. If you choose to buy a copy of this book by clicking the link below, I will receive a small commission, perhaps even enough to cover the cost of the tea bags used while writing this post.

Excel 2013 Formulas


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