Lee Baker Excel Itch Profile

Hello, my name is Lee Baker. I am here because I am passionate about helping people who are Microsoft Excel beginners and novices. I want to help you overcome your fear of using Excel, be more productive at work and at home, or just answer those few questions at your next interview.

I know what this is like. When I first started using Excel, it seemed very daunting and complex. However, I’ve now been using Excel on a daily basis for nearly 20 years. During this time, I have learned several simple tricks that have enabled me to be more productive while also impressing and helping my work colleagues and bosses.

Perhaps more importantly, being comfortable with using Excel has enabled me to solve several problems in the workplace. This has resulted in friends and colleagues looking at me favourably and seeing me as a key member of the team. These Excel solutions often didn’t amount to much more than some simple formatting and basic formulas. Examples of this include creating simple forms such as a vacation request form, invoice templates, registers of various types, and various financial models.

Overcoming your fears and being more comfortable with using Microsoft Excel can allow you to have more time at work (and at home), simplify everyday repeatable tasks, improve the quality of your work, and enable you to present your work in a more professional manner. That is why I am here: to help you overcome your fears of using Excel and helping you start using it more productively without the need to be an Excel expert or guru.

These basic skills have often made me the go-to person for Excel in many of my roles with work colleagues often coming to me with their Excel problems and questions. Now, I want to help you get the same results. One of the first things you can do to overcome your fear of using Microsoft Excel is to follow me on Twitter or Facebook for daily tips and advice.