How to Use Shortcut Keys to Jump to the Edge of a Range of Cells

In this short video, I will show you how to use shortcut keys to jump to the edge of a range of cells containing data.

Being able to jump to the edge of a range of cells can be really useful when you want to move to the last row or column on a worksheet that has hundreds, sometimes thousands of rows of data.

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How to Create and Use a Named Constant

How to Create and Use a Named Constant - Twitter

In this blog post, we’re going to take a look what an Excel named constant is, how to create them, and how to use a named constant in a couple of examples.

A named constant is similar to a named range except the value of the name doesn’t appear in any cell.

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How to Use the Excel Logical Functions

In this blog post, I’ll use examples to show you how to use some of the Excel logical functions, including the IF, OR, and AND functions, to name a few. Logical functions enable you to choose the outcome of a formula based on various criteria that you define.

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Book Review: Excel 2013 Formulas by John Walkenbach

This blog post is a book review of “Excel 2013 Formulas by John Walkenbach.” I’ve purchased and used this book myself, and it is a go-to resource for Excel Functions and Formulas.

This book isn’t about everything Excel, but it covers just about everything to do with Excel formulas that most people will ever need. It starts with the basics of creating formulas, covering the most commonly used functions for manipulating text, working with dates and times, counting, lookups, and working with tables. There is also an in-depth chapter on working with financial formulas.

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Introduction to Pivot Tables – Part 3

In this final blog post, we’ll look at the Pivot Design tab, the Pivot Table Analyze tab, sorting data, and formatting Pivot Tables and have a quick look at formatting Slicers.

By the end, you’ll be able to make your Pivot Tables look more professional.

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