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Microsoft Excel skills are a must in today's job market as pointed out by an article in The Wall Street Journal.

The focus of Excel Itch is to help you learn, feel more comfortable, and enjoy using Microsoft Excel. To start, click the Get Access Now button to join our newsletter and get access to the example spreadsheets used on the Excel Itch website. Then, if you're new to Excel, click the Get Started button to go straight to our introductory Excel content. Otherwise, choose one of the subject areas below to go to the most relevant content.

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Key Areas of the Excel Itch Website

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  • Getting Started

    New to Excel? This is the place to start. Learn the basics and start using Excel.

  • Formulas

    Learning Formulas will enable you to get the most out of Excel.

  • Functions

    Detailed and friendly descriptions of the most useful Excel Functions.

  • Data Analysis & Pivot Tables

    Data Analysis techniques and Pivot Tables enable you to quickly summarise, analyse, and present large amounts of data quickly.

  • Formatting

    Formatting makes your spreadsheet more appealing and easier to read. Conditional Formatting applies formatting automatically based on a cells value.

  • Blog

    Weekly blog posts, and videos, to help you keep up to date, and learn new and interesting features and techniques in Excel.

About me

Hello, my name is Lee Baker. I am here because I am passionate about helping people who are everyday users of Microsoft Excel like you. I want to help you overcome your fear of using Excel, be more productive at work and at home, or just answer those few questions at your next interview.

When I first started using Excel, it seemed very daunting and complex. However, I’ve now been using Excel on a daily basis for nearly 20 years. During this time, I have learned several simple tricks that have enabled me to be more productive while also impressing and helping my work colleagues and bosses.

Perhaps more importantly, being comfortable with using Excel has enabled me to solve several problems in the workplace. This has resulted in friends and colleagues looking at me favourably and seeing me as a key member of the team. These Excel solutions often didn’t amount to much more than some simple formatting and basic formulas. Examples of this include creating simple forms such as a vacation request form, invoice templates, registers of various types, and various financial models.

Overcoming your fears and being more comfortable with using Microsoft Excel can allow you to have more time at work (and at home), simplify everyday repeatable tasks, improve the quality of your work, and enable you to present your work in a more professional manner.

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